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About Squid

I created Squid Studio to pursue artistic freedom in a hands-on and enthusiastic way, and my goal is to produce pieces that will inspire and charm. Through this I hope to hone my artistic skills and expand into any field of art or creation that seems natural, genuinely intriguing or beneficial to my personal growth and that of my brand.

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Squid Stevens Studio
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Market at Kylde Warren on Saturday, December 11th!
Hope to see you there! And if you're coming to my site bc of the market — hello and thank you so much! Please follow me on instagram to see my latest work. I really have not been posting items to my site bc so far I've been able to get business and sales on that platform. One of these days I will utilize this site more, but for now IG is where I'll be! Commissions are ultra-limited, but feel free to reach out via the contact form or dm me on social and I'll see what I can do!

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