I'm Squid stevens

Hey y’all! My name is Sidney Stevens and I am the artist behind Squid Studio.

As you might be able to tell, the name for my new lil business came from my nickname, Squid. And the matching alliteration is cute, right? :)

I created Squid Studio to pursue artistic freedom in a hands-on and enthusiastic way, and my goal is to produce pieces that will inspire and charm. Through this I hope to hone my artistic skills and expand into any field of art or creation that seems natural, genuinely intriguing or beneficial to my personal growth and that of my brand.

My Background

I studied Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University and have worked in art direction & design for fashion & marketing companies in Dallas, TX since 2013. As of February 2021, I am working part-time as a graphic designer and part-time on Squid Studio! 

My creative journey started at a young age, but really blossomed after college. My first job out of school was for a vintage jewelry company and required me to learn all about the stones in the pieces we would acquire. I LOVED it and it led me to take my first jewelry fabrication class at the Dallas Creative Arts Center in 2015 (support your local art centers!). Sawing and soldering metal made me feel like a badass and I got such satisfaction out of finishing pieces and being able to wear them. After taking a couple jewelry classes I tried out ceramics, and most recently a stained glass class — which is my latest obsession!

I’ve also explored a few other mediums outside of what I’ve learned through the Creative Arts Center, and most of those are with the encouragement and guidance of my dad — who is handy, creative and generally the best. When I conveyed an interest in trying mosaics he cut the shapes I wanted out of thick plywood and mentioned how I could coat the piece in resin rather than grouting it. That led me to place an order for epoxy resin — way too much resin for that one mosaic project I had in mind. And thus I stumbled into resin art! 

The pandemic gave me more time at home to explore my various crafts/hobbies and deepened my love for making and working with my hands. Eventually I got the courage to say “why not me?” in starting an art business. Now here we are: I’m figuring it out as I go, hoping for the best, and trying to stay curious. I appreciate your support and interest!

Quick Tids: I live with my fiance Brian, my two cats Chuck and Ren, and corn snake Phil. I’m a Leo sun, Leo moon and Sag rising — so I got that fire! General interests include: rocks/crystals, insects/entomology, thrifting, & Thai food.

Some of your questions answered here.

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All FAQs
Do you have regular drops??

As of right now I do not have a regular schedule for drops/releases. Sign-up for my newsletter and follow me on instagram to know when I’ll be releasing new items.

What should I expect when ordering?

You should expect a handmade item that was made with care and love, but will most likely not be perfect. Resin in particular will almost always have some slight imperfections due to the curing process. I’m human, not a machine and am still learning and refining as I go. If you notice an issue that affects the integrity of the item you ordered, please contact me!